The GeoSocial Shakedown

I have been in the process of revamping my presentation from Barcamp Conway on The GeoSocial Shakedown for Barcamp Jonesboro this upcoming weekend and I figured I would do an accompanying blog post to go along w/ the presentation. Please keep in mind that this technology is still in it’s very infancy so a lot of these notes may become outdated rather quickly.  Since I am revamping my initial … [Read more...]

#RefreshCA – GeoSocial Showdown

Be sure to join the Central Arkansas Refresh on February 23rd for our GeoSocial Showdown to discuss several of today’s top applications.  After a lot of discussion we have decided to have a little bit different format for this month’s meeting.  As opposed to having one speaker offer a presentation and then have group questions, we are going to have a moderator and 5 representatives from within the … [Read more...]

EP:006 – The Cotton Club Podcast

In this Episode… My co-host Keith Crawford and I discussed a very popular topic this evening, and that’s the rollout of Google Buzz. In this episode we both give our first impressions of this new social network / aggregator based on our initial 3 or 4 days of testing.  Keith has been an authority on FriendFeed for some time now so given the similarities between what Google is trying to … [Read more...]

EP:004 – The Cotton Club Podcast

In the first episode of ‘The Social Radar’ podcast Cotton Rohrscheib and Keith Crawford discuss a wide variety of topics related to social media, from desktop applications to wireless and mobile apps. Some of the applications discussed in this episode include Twazzup, Posterous, PicPosterous, Ustream U Recorder, Bambuser, TweetMic, My6Sense, Newsstand, Google Wave, Waveboard, Waze, Seesmic (Look, … [Read more...]

#RefreshCA GeoSocial Showdown (Update)

Recently I did a blog post asking for feedback regarding the format for our upcoming February Central Arkansas Refresh meeting on GeoSocial Applications.  I think for the most part we all agreed that there needs to be some sort of “intro” to each of the applications we are going to showcase.  Daniel Spillers brought up a good point in the comments from my last post that these … [Read more...]

Waze Brings Back Treasure Chests for Valentines

A few days ago Daniel from Waze sent me an email to let me know that Waze is bringing back their Treasure Chests in a Valentine’s Day themed promotion.  This promotion is pretty cool, let’s say you are driving along and you open up a treasure chest, it might be filled with tickets to the movies for 2 or a heart shaped box of chocolates.  How cool is that?  The themed goodies are … [Read more...]

#RefreshCA Geo-Social Showdown

If you missed out on the January meeting of the Central Arkansas Refresh group where Nick Brewer from CJRW did a presentation on PODS CMS for Wordpress, you missed out on an awesome presentation.  Nick did an awesome job presenting PODS, hopefully we will have his presentation slides and audio online for you to download in the very near future, he is working on them now. When we opened the … [Read more...]

Road Trip Using Waze (Updated)

Okay, so this past weekend my wife and I went on a road trip to see Bill Engvall in Texas with some friends. I blogged before we headed out that I was going to use Waze the entire trip, you can read that post here… For the most part I was extremely, extremely impressed w/ Waze during this trip.  I did run into a few things that I wanted to mention though about the software.  Before I … [Read more...]

Road Trip Using Waze

I am going on a road trip this weekend w/ some friends to the bottom of the Earth (South Texas).  Normally I am not that big of a fan of road trips, I guess I outgrew that a few years back.  I guess for the most part I am just not that much fun anymore.  However, something about this trip has me a little excited.  As someone who sits behind a desk for the most part of … [Read more...]