Advantages to Outsourcing Business Class Email

This past weekend my business partners and I went away on our annual corporate retreat to discuss our existing business model and to evaluate each of our products and services.  We each agreed that our most popular solution is one that we don’t spend a lot of time promoting, our premium email solution. There are several advantages to businesses that chose to outsource their email to us, in this … [Read more...]

Mailtrust Sync for iPhone

I am on the board of advisors for Mailtrust, which is a division of Rackspace (RAX).  Mailtrust is probably one of my favorite SAAS solutions on the market today.  My partners and I partnered with Mailtrust years ago before they were actually called Mailtrust, or even before Rackspace acquired their company.  Our premium email solution is reflective of our partnership with … [Read more...]

Mailtrust Advisory Board

I am going to be on the Mailtrust Customer Advisory Board for the next 6 months.  I was talking w/ one of their representatives today about how Mailtrust’s Noteworthy product is probably my most favorite SAAS solution on the market!  I didn’t really realize how handy the webmail interface was because I usually download everything into Outlook when I am in the office or onto my phone when I am on … [Read more...]

Web Host Rackspace Buys

This doesn't come as a huge surprise to me because I knew that has been a Rackspace client for a long time.  I have to commend Rackspace on picking up a fine company... Source: Web Host Industry News | Web Host Rackspace Buys October 1, 2007 -- (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Managed hosting provider Rackspace Managed Hosting ( announced on Monday it has acquired … [Read more...]