Agile Messenger for the iPhone

iconMy business partners and I frequently jump in between Google Talk and Microsoft Messenger to discuss projects during the day.  When we are out of the office however we usually are forced to call one another if we need to ask a question about a project.  In the past I have used a few mobile messenger applications that allowed me to connect to my partners at their computers using my MSN Messenger account or my Google account but I haven’t found one yet that does as good of a job as the Agile Messenger for the iPhone.

The Agile Messenger allows you to plug in your account information from MSN®, Yahoo!®, ICQ®, AIM®, GoogleTalk® and Jabber.  It also does a good job importing your buddy lists from each of these services so you can easily see who’s online.  The application also utilizes push technology so even if you are not in the application it will alert you if someone is trying to reach you for instant messaging.

With the Agile Messenger you can also do photo and video messaging.  There is also a push to talk feature that allows you to use your phone as a walkie-talkie to send instant voice messages while on the road.  It’s a little pricey but if you rely on messenger to connect to your co-workers, it’s pretty easy to justify.  Here are some screenshots from the app that I have installed on my phone:

photo2 photo photo3

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